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As cultivating environmental awareness seems imperative for the future generations we thought that a project that gains insight in the consumption of energy and the use of R.E.S. as well as recycling would make the future citizens of the European Union more active in school. School buildings should be transformed into sustainable ones and, although the progress will be rather slow, we need to find a starting point.We aim at promoting an understanding in depth of the crucial value of environmental education and how it will help students to become a more active citizen of the 21st century.


Target groups

The main target groups of this project are students and teachers involved in the project. However, there are several other
target groups that will benefit indirectly. Among them is the whole school community and the rest of the staff ( teaching
and non-teaching). Even the families of the participants will be involved in the project in many ways, receiving and
promoting the goals of the project.



The project “Eco STEM” is co-created with the international cooperation of four organizations. Get to know our goals, activities and contact details.

Melgaço School