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5th Gymnasio Trikalon

5th Gymnasio Trikalon is a general lower secondary school, inTrikala. Trikala is a medium-sized affluent city in Thessaly, with an economy mainly based on agriculture and foodstuff industries. In recent years Trikala has seen a fast-growing presence of immigrants – refugees from non-European countries. The challenges faced at social, institutional and educational level are the prevention of xenophobic behaviours and the prevention of dropouts at school, in a context where new poverties are emerging as a consequence of the economic crisis. 5th Gymnasio is committed to the promotion of behaviours inspired to respect, understanding of diversity, active participation and has been working on the introduction of strategies to facilitate access to secondary education to socially disadvantaged pupils and to pupils of immigrant families.

Nikola Hribar Primary School

Nikola Hribar Primary School is located in Velika Gorica, a small town just outside Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and the centre of the region of Turopolje in Croatia. It is an eight-year school for students aged 7-15. Two schools in nearby villages, Lomnica and Gradići, are its district schools. The school has 1113 students in 54 classes and is run in two shifts. The school follows the official curriculum of the country. It has 108 employees, including a headmaster, 32 lower grade teachers and 48 upper grade teachers, 5 employees in the pedagogical service and 22 employees of the technical service. The students are included in various extracurricular activities and take part in a number of different competitions and events. The school carries out a number of projects in cooperation with the police, parents’ associations and others. Some of them are CAP; TeenCAP, MAH-1, in the area of the prevention of child assault, violence and addiction.


“Scientific Association for the Promotion of LifeLong Learning” ,S.A.P.L.Le.,is a Scientific Association, representing higher education graduates and professionals with an established interest in the use, implementation and dissemination of innovative education methods, training practices and new technologies regarding Health, Culture, Environment and any other human activity.

Melgaço School

The Melgaço School Group is located in the municipality that gives it its name. It is located in the north of Portugal, close to the Spanish border, district of Viana do Castelo. It is located in a predominantly rural area and students rarely get a chance to get in touch with Europe's cultural and linguistic diversity. The Group brings together students from the village and surrounding areas. About 750 students attend the school, divided into 3 schools (2 primary schools and 1 school that covers all basic education students from 5th to 12th grades. constitute the non-teaching staff.